New Year, New Blog


So, I’m moving here to WordPress for my Paige’s Prattle Blog.

All of my old blog posts are here:

I hope you have a safe New Year’s Eve and a happy and prosperous 2015!

Talk to you soon!


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Hi Paige – Why are you moving from Blogger? Did you have problems with it? I’ve been using Blogger for 8 years and am no longer able to post pictures! Also an error message crops up every time I sign in but can’t get rid of it. I know Word Press is a blog format of choice for most bloggers but I fear losing my SEO search rankings if I switch. I had to paste your new wordpress link to google to find your new site. Hope you don’t lose too many readers. I look forward to your next post. Happy New Year!


    • Bob, thanks for keeping up with me! I moved to WordPress as I’ve had continued issues with Blogger for quite some time. I still read my recipe/cooking blogs there and I’ve got my family history blog still at blogspot. I’m hoping to have a fresh start and an updated look and feel to the blog; hopefully my readership will like it!


  2. I sent the previous comment about your new blog format at 10:36 AM so something is wrong with the time stamp if that makes any difference. 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes on Facebook. 🙂


  3. Hi Paige – The LWSD reboundary decision has created quite a stir on my blog. I wonder if you were one of the anonymous that posted a comment? When are you going to speak up about LWSD governance again on your blog – or mine? Good writing to you.

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  4. Hi Bob! I never comment anonymously. I’m not afraid to have my name associated with anything I write.

    I’ve considered rehashing the District issue, but time and mind and information haven’t seemed to combine together. I’m working the lines by “inciting” people to get involved on their own.

    BTW, I did apply for the committee to review the boundaries and was denied. My tin foil hat tells me it was because of my name and my voice; but I’d love to think that maybe they just picked othr people because they were better.

    Thanks as always for reading and writing!


  5. Paige – It’s my understanding the Boundary Committee was entirely staff. The Facilities Planning Committee was open to the community. Sorry they wouldn’t let you on. The District needs to embrace their community, not straight arm it. Thanks for posting on my blog.


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