It’s just a game


4th down and 1 yard to go and the team punts it.  I am that girl who always wonders WHY they didn’t go for it?  The guys around me roll their eyes and attempt to explain it (again), but I think they should have just tried.

I’m the girl who doesn’t stop watching the game until it’s completely over.

The girl who yells at the sportscasters and calls them “stupid” and “idiot” and “hater” when they disrespect my team.

The girl who doesn’t understand why guys punch each other while wearing helmets and pads (but sometimes wishes more fights broke out because some guys just deserve a punch).

The girl who doesn’t understand booing.  At all.  Ever.  It’s bad form and poor sportsmanship and shows how class-less people are.

The girl who doesn’t understand why dancing in the end zone and spiking the ball isn’t unsportsmanlike conduct, but grabbing ones crotch is.

The one that kind of believes in jinxes and traditions, but doesn’t really believe that they make any difference at all.

The one that believes that at any given point in any given game on any given day, each team has a chance to win or lose.

The one that bases her likes and dislikes on character, not necessarily looks or skill.

The one that understands that football is a game.  A game of skill and chance and luck and good calls and bad calls, but JUST A GAME.

So, yesterday my team came in 2nd (my pastor likes to say that).  The news and my Facebook feed is FILLED with lots of opinions.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda.  I think that if the “worst play-call in Super Bowl history” had worked, the Seahawks would be HEROES.  Every play, every time is a 50/50 shot.

Just two weeks ago (TWO WEEKS!) we made the Super Bowl by coming from behind to win.  In less than 10 minutes.  The Seahawks were amazing!  The sports world EXPLODED with how great we were!  What a team!  How Awesome!

Now?  We’re goats.  Stupid.  Fire the defensive coordinator.  Hang them (after shooting them and burning the bodies).  The sports world is calling us everything but cheaters.

Why didn’t they give the ball to Marshawn Lynch?  Because it’s a team game.  Imagine that.  The Seahawks don’t just depend on one player to make every game.  Not JUST Russell Wilson, Chris Matthews, Richard Sherman, Luke Willson, Jermaine Kearse or Marshawn Lynch.  It’s a team.

How many times have we watched the Seahawks move to the 1 yard line, give the ball to Marshawn and miss the chance to score?  I’ll bet more times than the “bad call” has actually worked.  FIVE times in the game against the Packers Russell Wilson threw to Jermaine Kearse.  FIVE TIMES they failed.  FIVE!  The sixth time, in overtime with no reason to throw to the guy who had missed the first FIVE chances, Russell Wilson throws to Jermaine and wins the game.  Because chance.  Because it had a 50/50 chance of working or not.

I’m proud of my team and the chances they took and the game they played.  I’m sad they lost.  There is a bit of mourning and disbelief and numbness in a loss that close.  But in the end it is still just a game.  Our quarterback, Russell Wilson sums it up best when he said 1 play or moment doesn’t define his career.

We’ll be back.  We’ll make bad plays and great plays, win games and lose games.  Trade players and get new ones.  Have good years and bad years.  Get fined and make money.  It’s just a game.


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