Facilities Planning Questions and Answers March 25, 2015


I asked a few questions regarding the ongoing Facilities Planning process from Janene Fogard, Deputy Superintendent of LWSD. (My email was cc’d to Kathryn Reith, Director of Communications as she is my usual contact; but answers were provided in total by Janene Fogard).

1) Is there an available listing of the age of current structures in the District? (I do have a list of the proposed modernization/tables for Phases 3 & 4 from the website)

In terms of school buildings, the links to the documents below give information about the age and condition of each school building. The second link provides a summary of portable buildings. These do not include non-school buildings.

Permanent Building Existing Conditions

Temporary Facilities Existing Conditions

2) What properties does the District have purchased but unused for future school development?

The first document listed below provides a map of district sites and undeveloped properties. This document has not been updated for the recent property purchase of a potential middle school site in Redmond Ridge.

The second document shows school sites with identified potential for additions or expansions. It includes several pieces of property that are adjacent to part of an existing school site and therefore not identified as vacant sites on the map in the first link.

Map of District Sites

Identified Potential

3) Are plans drawn for proposed schools on specific properties (I’m thinking of the property I believe the District owns near 116th for an elementary school). Are there plans drawn and available for modernization on Juanita, Rockwell and other proposed projects (Phase 3)?

No, plans were not completed for the Phase 3 proposed projects. Preliminary studies and site due diligence was conducted, however, plan documents were not completed. The funding for developing detailed plans was included as part of the proposed project. Since the funding measures did not pass, funds were not available to continue development of construction drawings.

4) What is the decision-making process between building a ‘permanent’ building (similar to “B” Wing at RHS) vs. a temporary classroom (portable)?

When additional space is needed at a school, the district looks at a variety of options to address these space needs. For example this fall, given last Spring’s failure of the proposed bond measures, the district needed to make decisions to meet our short-term space needs. Options for short-term space needs that were reviewed include: 1) reducing the current standard of service identified in our Capital Facilities Plan, 2) making interior building modifications to increase available capacity, 3) adding portables (both traditional and “green portables”), 4) building additional permanent classroom capacity and 5) leasing space. The decision-making process took into account the expected short and long-term space needs, growth and enrollment patterns as well as costs and funding implications to accomplish each option.

For example, permanent construction, whether a whole building or an addition to an existing building, costs significantly more than other options including the addition of portables. Therefore available funds and the requirement for a funding measure to support construction costs for permanent additions is the primary consideration between constructing a permanent addition and adding temporary portable classrooms or other less costly options. The projects that were selected best met the space needs within the available funds. With limited funding, we could not do permanent additions for all of the space needed.

Notes from March 19th Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force:

My thoughts from above links and answers:

Oldest buildings in LWSD (classroom, not non-school buildings):

Peter Kirk Elementary School, built 1975
Rockwell Elementary School, Built 1981
Samantha Smith AND Alcott Elementary School, built 1986
Kamiakin Middle School, built 1974
Evergreen Middle School, built 1983
Emerson High School, built 1983
Juanita High School, built 1971

School and buildings planned for modernization in Phase 3 and beyond:

Future Phases

  • Evergreen Middle School
  • Juanita High School
  • Kamiakin Middle School
  • Kirk Elementary
  • Mead Elementary
  • Rockwell Elementary
  • Alcott Elementary
  • Blackwell Elementary, Dickinson Elementary, Eastlake High School, Emerson High School, Inglewood Middle School, McAuliffe Elementary, Redmond Elementary, Resource Center, Smith Elementary, Support Services, Wilder Elementary

The District has 9 undeveloped property sites plus the Redmond Ridge property not included per email above. Of these 10 site, 3 are listed as “not usable” for one reason or another, 1 has “restricted or limited use” and one is a bus satellite site. This leaves 5 sites available for potential future schools (2 listed as elementary, one listed only as “potential), one listed as four-acre site and the Redmond Ridge site).

  • Site 31 is on 244th Avenue NE — Redmond Ridge area
  • Site 28 is between NE 116th Street and NE 128th Street –Washington Cathedral area
  • Site 59 is off 228th – Sammamish area
  • Site 91 is four acres on NE 95th Street east of Red-Wood Road

I’ve sent a reply email with more questions regarding building plans (architectural blue-prints), life-span of buildings and the amount of unused bond funds remaining.


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