City of Redmond Positions up for re-election 2015


5 offices in our current City of Redmond legislature will be up for vote this coming August. (August 4th Primary) and November (November 3 General Election).  All terms end December 31, 2015.

The first position is Mayor of the City of Redmond; this is a non-partisan office.  Currently this position is held by John Marchione.  According to the City of Redmond web page, Mayor Marchione was elected in 2007 and is serving his 2nd term (this election would be running for his third term).  At this time he is unopposed.

The City of Redmond is a classified as a non-charter Code city, that operates under the Mayor-Council plan of government.  (RCW 35A.12, RMC Chapter 1.02)  According to the candidate manual (pg. 14) for King County elections, “All cities in King County are “non-charter code” cities, except the city of Seattle and the towns of Beaux Arts Village, Hunts Point, Skykomish, and Yarrow Point.”

What does the Mayor do?  This varies from city to city, but in Redmond, the Mayor presides over all meetings of Council,   and is responsible for administrative duties; including hiring and firing staff, veto power, implementation of legislation passed by the council and ceremonial duties.  He may also be the tie-breaker vote in council votes.  This is called a “council-strong mayor” structure.

The remaining 4 positions are City Council members.  City of Redmond has 7 council positions; all non-partisan offices in staggered terms.  Council positions run 4 years; 3 positions expire in 2017 (Kimberly Allen Position 4, Byron Shutz Position 2 and John Stilin Position 6).  “The City Council adopts the City budget, establishes law and policy, approves appropriations and contracts, levies taxes and grants franchises.”

Tom Flynn (Pos. #5) is retiring at the end of his term; at this time only one person has announced intent to run for his position.   Parks and Trails Commissioner Angela Birney announced her campaign for Redmond City Council Pos. 5 (Redmond Reporter, February 9, 2015).   At this time she is unopposed.

The other 3 positions are uncontested at this time.  Position 1 is held by Hank Myers.  Hank has been a councilmember since 2008.  Position 3 is held by Hank Margeson and has been a councilmember since 2007.  Position 7 is held by David Carson, who has held the position since 2008.

Persons interested in filing for candidacy must file intent no later than May 15th (page 10). A candidates must be a registered voter, file a Declaration of Candidacy and include either the filing fee or a completed filing fee petition.
Candidate workshops will be held April 24th and 25th.


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