City Council Meeting July 7 2015 (**Contains Opinion**)


Please review the Agenda packet and video for complete information on the meeting.

Agenda here (with packet)
On Demand Video of meeting here (July 7 meeting not on site yet)

Observations on the general meeting:

  • The Poet Laureate for Redmond (to be sworn in July 21st) is not a resident of the City of Redmond, but of Ballard.

  • During the Ombudsperson reports for the month of June, Councilmember Hank Myers reported that a complaint from a citizen had been received about panhandlers in Redmond and what could be done about them.  Mr. Myers responded that if aggressive or violent, the Redmond Police Department should be called and report the incident.  He also noted that panhandling is not illegal in the City due to 1st Amendment rights.


  • Rosemarie Ives, former Mayor of Redmond and community activist spoke during the “Items from the Audience” segment of the meeting.  She spoke with regards to the Nokomis Building and read a few selections from the 25 letters sent to the City; including stories of children from Redmond Elementary being escorted from the school to the building (at that time used as the town library).

    Women were granted the right to vote (1920) and 14 years after that (1934) the women of the Redmond Nokomis club petitioned the WPA for funds to build the library building.  It was noted in her speech that not only is the building of historical significance, but the property as well.


In the Staff Reports segment of the meeting, Craig Larsen, Director of the Parks Department presented a report on possible spots to relocate the Nokomis Building.  Several sites were considered; two moving companies were contacted and an estimate was received from one.  The two most relevant sites are Martin Park and Arthur Johnson Park.

  • Arthur Johnson Park is located at 7901 196th Ave NE.  According to the City’s website, the park is 15 acres of undeveloped property available for passive outdoor activities.

  • Martin Park is located on the North side of Union Hill Road east of the Evans Creek Bridge.   This park site only appears on one or two of the city maps and no further information is available.

  • Estimates were given for two possibilities:  Moving the building and placing on cribbing (non-functional for public use) or moving and placing on a foundation and repairing/updating the facility for public use.

  • The Nokomis building would be move in three pieces (chimney and two porches excluded) separately.  Estimates include the cost of moving lights and signals as necessary, traffic facilitation and either cribbing (stacking on wooden blocks to stabilize) or placing on a foundation.

  • To move the structure to Martin Park the cost for cribbing would be $193,440; to move and make available for public use the cost was estimated at $580,320.

  • To move the structure to Arthur Johnson Park, cribbing cost was estimated at $228,384; public use cost estimated at $752,544.

  • The estimated value of the 1/2 acre of park land given by the city was noted as approximately $130,700.  If the land was privately owned the cost would be estimated at approximately $300,000.  The city would be agreeing to donate the cost of the property only; moving fees and related expenses would need to be privately funded (not paid for by City).

  • Mr. Larsen noted that these costs were in line with previous projects for relocation of historic buildings he had completed in Lynwood (WA).

Questions from the Council members:

  • Mr. Stillin asked if the costs would vary if the building were placed on private property and not used for public use.  Mr. Larsen answered, yes costs would be different.

  • Mr. Myers asked about the public interest of moving the structure.  He also asked if other parks had been considered:

        Smith Woods too difficult to access

    Anderson Park is not “suitable”

  • Rob Odle a Planning Director in the Planning Department stated that One Redmond would be involved in crowdfunding for the project.

  • Mr. Myers noted that the property/building was not significant; only historic and that Mr. Pantley (of NBE the new owner of the property and subsequent building project on site) had offered to incorporate a few items of interest from the (to be) demolished building into conference or meeting spaces in the new project at an estimated cost of approximately $40,000.

  • Mr. Myers asked who would be responsible for the costs of moving and renovation.  Mr. Larsen replied that private funding or crowdfunding would be used for moving and renovation; the City was only exploring donating the land for use.

  • Mayor Marchione clarified that the City was only donating the park land for use, not funding the project and that a time limit for fund raising would be set.

  • Mr. Flynn asked if Marymoor had been investigated; Mr. Larsen responded that Marymoor belongs to King County and was not used as criteria.

  • Ms. Allen asked if Luke McRedmond Landing had been under consideration; Mr. Larsen responded that there were water table issues for the site and accessibility for the move would be difficult.

The council voted unanimously to donate the park land for the move, contingent on funding availability from private or other sources.


Nokomis Club of Redmond needs to raise approximately $25-$50,000 in order to pay for legal fees and representation as they appeal the decision to deny the historic significance of the Nokomis building in Redmond.  The hearing appealing the City of Redmond’s “Decision of Non-Significance” is scheduled to begin July 9th and 10th.

A separate appeal has been filed regarding the EPA’s classification of the building.

If you are interested in helping with their fight, please consider donating funds via PayPal on the Nokomis Club website or through their Crowdrise site (both listed below).

Contact the Redmond Nokomis Club:

Nokomis Club of Redmond
P.O. Box 7012
Bellevue, WA  98008-1012


Crowdrise site:



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