The Culture of Marchione’s Administration (Bob Yoder, Opinion Piece)


Posted on Redmond Neighborhood Blog 

UPDATED OPINION, 9/18: The culture of Marchione’s Administration strangles Council’s representation and participation

OPINION:  I have been a resident of Redmond for over 33 years.  I watch the City Council meetings every week. I agree with several people on the Facebook Group “Education Hill in Redmond” that something is missing from the council meetings. One of the reasons I’m voting against Marchione is because of his tight grip on the Council. Only once in a blue moon will a councilmember disagree with the Mayor or his peers and when they do disagree they very rarely speak their mind in a council meeting. I can think of only two instances that a Councilmember publicly disagreed with the Mayor. One was David Carson who said he was against the Redmond Way – Cleveland Street realignment. (He barely got it out but he said it and was ignored by his peers).  The other was when Councilman Hank Myers spoke out forcefully against the medians on 166th Avenue. Recently I was at the So Bazzar and ran into Hank Myers. He is a nice man, and a very hard working and capable councilman as are all our councilmembers.  He shared with me his views on Proposition One and Two.  Was I surprised!  I asked him why he didn’t speak up at any council meetings about his position.  He promised he would try to be more open about issues in the future — and this from the most transparent member on Council.  Transparency builds trust in our government and it’s lacking within Council chambers.    

John Marchione has an underlying “rule” with Council to keep disagreements off record so that his meetings run smoothly and according to his Administration’s plan.  The problem with Marchione’s culture is that it strangles council’s ability to represent their constituents and speak their minds. That’s a good reason why council meetings are so stale and the everyday resident won’t visit City Hall to speak their minds in “Items from the Audiance.”  I will continue to be a government nerd and write my blog and Letters to the Editor at the Redmond Reporter.  I truly value the democratic dialogue that the Fields campaign is stimulating. It helps to cleanse the Redmond government process and revitalizes our City.

By Bob Yoder 


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