Council Study Session 11/10/15


My first Council Study Session and wow what a learning experience!  One of my goals has been to be more involved in the city administration process; I’ve attended a couple of Council meetings; but didn’t realize until recently that Study sessions are open to the public.

Agendas are available as you enter the Council chambers, there were maybe 10 other people in attendance as well; however most of those were there to speak during part of the session.

City Council meetings and sessions are available online. This is a great way to watch the council proceedings on your own time; you can also view Planning Commission, Community Events and Informational Programs from the same link.

It was a 3 hour session, so although I took 9 pages of notes, I’ll condense them down to the just a few points.  I would recommend that you watch the online version and draw your own conclusions.

Agenda Item 1:  Draft City of Redmond 2016 State Legislative Agenda

Doug Leavy, Nina Rivkin, Jane Christenson

They reviewed the Agenda for the 2016 Legislative session in Olympia.  This is a short session, consisting of only 60 days; Redmond had fewer request for this session, however several items will be brought up:

Transportation Package
Affordable Housing (which is tied with Mental Health and Homelessness)
I-1366 — only 2 counties rejected this initiative; 36 counties passed.  It will likely be challenged in the courts, so it remains to be seen how and when it will affect the state.

Agenda Item 2:  Marymoor Subarea Planning Update and Discussion

Kelly Stephens (Homeowner), Bart Phillips (OneRedmond), Kim Dietz (COR), Jeff Churchill (COR) Brad and Wendy Clarr (Employees of Denali Advanced Integration)

Resolution 1415 was passed October 2014; The Committee will carry out the process identified in Resolution 1415 and work with City staff to develop a transition strategy toward the Southeast Redmond neighborhood plan vision.

The plan is based around the adoption of Sound Transit 3 (on the ballot November 2016); but the actual stations/tracks are not likely to be built for another 15 years (2030).

Mayor and several council members voiced their opinion that approval of ST3 is a ‘sure thing’.

At this time the area marked as “South Marymoor” is a 19 acre fully-leased multi-use industrial area.  The area will be transitioned into low-income and affordable housing while phasing out (at some point completely eradicating) light industrial businesses located there.  Plan is to move those businesses to Union Hill area near existing Cadman site and local area.

The housing will be classified as “high density residential”.  Businesses and homeowners are concerned about the transition and eventual reclassification for economic reasons.

Mr. Phillips mentioned his mixed feelings, referencing the current Overlake expansion project.  56 businesses have been displaced in this expansion; only a handful have been able to relocate to Redmond.

Discussion on Market value, property taxes and the eventuality of the project; it’s up to the committee, working with the City to determine HOW the transition is performed and how smoothly.

Agenda Item 3:  Public/Private Development Quarterly Report

Jon Spangler and Steve Fischer (COR employees)

This was a very informative section; both public and private projects were presented with only certain projects highlighted.

Both Public (transportation, parks, sewer & water, etc.) and Private (residential projects) will have interactive maps live beginning of 2016.  Public site is; private will be available but no URL was given.  It is located under “Codes and Regulations” page of website at this point.

Highlighted Private Developments presented:

Edgewood West (46 Market Rate homes and 5 affordable homes)

  • Edgewood East (23 detached homes and 1 duplex)
  • Terrene (converting 4 lots into a 22-lot subdivision for single family homes)
  • Redmond Senior Project (permit issued)
  • 166th Townhomes (demolition of existing apartments and replacing with 15 unit townhome project)
  • Woodspring Hotel (120 room extended stay hotel)
  • Marymoor Apartments (227 unit 5 story complex)
  • Limited Edition Master plan for the first project in Overlake expansion (9.13 acres with 36K sf retail space, 80 room hotel, 173K sf office space and 901K sf residential complex).

Highlighted Public projects:

  • Restroom replacement at Ferrell McWhirter Park
  • Juel Stream Improvement & Repair
  • Sidewalk Improvement Redmond Way between 148th and 142nd
  • Slide Repair on 171st & 84th (“Old Windy”) due to culvert failure
  • Perrigo Park parking lot addition
  • Separation of off-ramps at I405 and 40th / 51st.  City of Redmond and DOT will be working on West and Eastbound to separate.  Westbound to be completed by end of 2015; Eastbound will be more complex.
  • Couplet Conversion (one-way to two-way streets Cleveland and Redmond Way) Construction begins Spring 2016 and continues through Fall 2017.

Agenda Item 4:  Update on Redmond Downtown Park (Project 50020970)

This was mostly a review of the project to date and an update on what is yet to come.

Page 127 of the Master Plan (available by link at the bottom of the page above) shows the summary of funding available:

2013/14 Parks CIP (*) $2.4 M
2015/16 Parks CIP $10 M
Potential State Appropriation:  $3M

The slide during the Study Session that showed the budget revised those numbers a bit:

Master Planning $0.6M (Completed)
Property Acquisition & Relocation $20.9 M (Completed)
Demolition & Restoration $0.75M (Completed)
Design & Construction $15.95 M (In Phase)
(Total $38.2M)

Funding Sources:
Capital Fund (CIP) $2.2 M
Real Estate Excise Tax $1.4M
State Appropriation:  $3M
KC Levy & Misc. $0.35M
Impact fees $9 M
(Total $15.95M)

It’s unclear to me if this is only the funding sources for Design & Construction.

The other notable information regarding the park is that construction for the park and the “Downtown Couplet Conversion” will run AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Construction of the Park will run spring of 2017 through Fall of 2018 (3rd quarter); Couplet conversion begins Spring 2016 and continues through Fall 2017.

Basically, the downtown area between Avondale Way/Redmond Way to 160th/Cleveland will be under construction from Spring of 2016 through Fall of 2018.

I have a number of questions and concerns about these (and other) topics; but I’ll cover those in other posts.


City Council meetings and sessions online
Text of I-1136
Marymoor Subarea Planning
Redmond Downtown Park


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