Opposition to Nokomis being demolished


~ Guest Post ~

I am definitely opposed to the City of Redmond‘s proposal to demolish the Nokomis Building and replace it with 162TEN Project in Redmond.  This proposal is for a 5-story building of 96 units of 200 square feet.  Parking is inadequate for 96 units and only 29 parking spaces.

Is Redmond, city of approximate 55,000 persons, returning to the days of the late 1800’s?   During this heyday, the city was reminiscent of loggers, saloons, dance halls, and prostitution. In other cities, where canneries and plantations existed, people lived in these small shared rooms without adequate space and privacy.  If you lived close to the kitchen be prepared to hear anyone who cooks or talks in this shared space.

In addition there may be the issue of safety for both sexes living in close confines especially with drug problems or mental health issues.  In close quarters, violence, safety and stability are very important for the Redmond community.


Karen Yoneda

Redmond, WA


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