Study Session 3/29/16 Redmond City Council Chambers 7:30 PM


Video link is here: (video not uploaded at posting time)


Agenda is here (with links to documents but not all presentations)


If you click on the agenda items, various documents will appear on the right bar.  You can click on these documents to see various reports, graphs and other information.


Mayor Marchione made a brief statement to open up the meeting discussing the change in discussion dates for Encampment regulations for an April 12th Study Session.  No vote date has been set at this time. (See Ordinance 2775)

City Council Retreat Follow Up


This discussion did not address encampments or regulations (as mentioned above), however there were discussions about regional issues, the Task Force (regional and local), police enforcement.


Points that struck me:

  1. Homelessness is a regional issue (not just Redmond)
  2. California, Oregon and Washington have recorded an over 100% INCREASE in homelessness statistics; however the remainder of the country shows a decrease rates.
  3. “Cannot arrest ourselves out of the problem”.


It is interesting to note that both Kim Allen and Hank Myers looked DIRECTLY AT ME (there was no one at the presentation table) when speaking about communication and encampment issues.



Communications were discussed in a variety of ways, including “One Pagers” for several issues and events happening in Redmond over the next few years.  “One Pagers” have been created (but not public yet until reviewed and approved) for:  Two Way Street Conversion, Downtown Park, Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Environment, Traffic and Infrastructure, Safety, Overlake Village and Recreational Facilities.


10 more “One Pagers” in development


Develop Council strategy and “Best Practices” for social media pages

Several councilmembers were reluctant to delve into the social media ‘quagmire’

Not everyone is on Social media

A good way to ‘lurk’ but not a place to comment


“If people are uninformed, then debate on social media or email may be negative” (re: Marijuana Retail/Planning Commission fall-out between Hank and myself)


City-wide E-newsletter mid-May, twice a month.


Town Hall Meeting, April 28th, Audubon Elementary, 6-7:30 PM

No tape or streaming planned

(recording is intimidating, wanted a less formal approach)

30 minute reception

Mayor brief statement

Talking points

Short Q&A session


The Kirkland Association Neighborhood template was mentioned;


Council congratulated themselves and staff on having better communication in the last 9 months to a year than before.


“Downtown Projects” (includes Downtown Park, Couplet Conversion)


Recommended detour is Bear Creek Parkway (past Kentucky Fried Chicken through the ‘back’ of Redmond Town Center) to avoid construction from June 2016 through summer of 2018.


Peat removed from Downtown park beginning June 22nd and will be closed through Summer of 2018.


“Redmond Way will be a ‘bear’ during process.”



“Affordable Housing”


Lengthy discussion on the graphs and charts for this presentation.  The biggest NEED for housing is for those under the 60% median range; making less than $42,000 a year.


32% of jobs in Redmond pay LESS than $50,000 annually; half of those less than $25,000.


According to King County Affordability guidelines for 2015, $89,600/year is the median income for a family of 4.  Average rent (no mortgage rates given) is $1,600 per month.


“Cost Burdened” families spend 30-49% for housing costs; “Severely Cost Burdened” spend over that.


King County lists Affordable housing needs of 13% for those in the 30% median range, 11% for 30-50% median, 16% for 50-80% median and 10% for those making more than $75,000 a year.


Redmond’s availability for all but the 80% median and above were very low.  Discussion about making ADU (“Accessory Dwelling units, MIL apartments or in-house rentals) more attainable for existing homeowners; land use density (more or less) and possibly multi-family property tax exemptions.


Supply problem, not demand problem.



Redmond City Council Wiki” (address to be linked on City of Redmond webpage when available)


Not available for public yet; still working out some bugs.  Best use on IE or “Edge”; unstable on other browsers.  Council only edit; no public editing.

Many topics of interest including a section on Abbreviations, type of government, process, etc.



“Council Talk Time”


New 520 Bridge Grand Opening on April 2nd

Recycling Day April 2nd

Wastemobile April 1-3rd

EdHNA Meeting on Thursday, April 7th



Not discussed during the meeting, but on attachments under “Affordable Housing” — No Camping Ordinance, Ordinance #2775 (the link appears to have disappeared)




“9.33.035 Enforcement. Law enforcement officers shall not enforce RMC 9.33.010 and 9.33.020 when there is no available overnight shelter. “Available overnight shelter” means a public or private shelter, with an available overnight space, open at no charge to an individual or family unit experiencing homelessness. If an individual or family unit cannot use available space because of the individual or family member’s sex, familial or marital status, religious beliefs, disability, or a shelter’s length-of-stay restrictions, the space should not be considered available. The space would be considered available if the individual could not use the space due to voluntary actions such as intoxication, drug use or unruly behavior. “



It was an informative evening, but left me with a very heavy and grieving heart.

I didn’t expect Redmond to always be a sleepy farming town with one traffic light forever.  But so many things have changed in the 30 years I’ve lived here that the Redmond I love is really no longer recognizable.  It occurred to me last night that people are more concerned and wounded over a garbage man that doesn’t take the time to wave at a toddler or that the school doesn’t recognize a specific holiday in a calendar than we are about the number of people that we no longer recognize in town anymore.  Anyone mentioning their surprise at long-term encampments or discarded syringes or traffic jams in residential areas are ridiculed and intimidated as being uncaring, clueless and naïve. 


The logistics of Ord. #2775 is overwhelming.  RPD will need to know the status of available shelter prior to removing or enforcing removal of transients from property every single day.  I cannot even fathom the time this will take for our officers who are already taking on extra duties and being asked to not arrest or enforce currently existing laws.  And, although I find it sad to be homeless with nowhere to go; I find it even more alarming that RPD will be allowed to just let transients remain where they are; another beacon for people to find their way to Redmond where they can camp with few consequences.


Questions I had during the meeting:

When is information for review sent to the council members for Study Session?

Is the April 28th Town Hall JUST for the community of Audubon or for the entire City of Redmond?

What is “PAF”?

How does the City plan on communicating with residents in the future?

Redmond has a RADIO STATION???

How many shelters are available in Redmond?  How many beds?


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