So yesterday I received a box from Chefwear, addressed to Your Personal Chef at my address.

As I didn’t order anything from Chefwear recently, I was a bit confused. I opened the box and inside was a packing list for 6 black XL Ultimate Chef pants; addressed to Applebee Services in Kansas City, MO. The Customer Order number was PAUGE NORMAN 399xxx.

I called Chefwear; but because they are located in CST, they were closed. I sent an email to customer support to let them know about the mistake.

I also attempted to call Applebee’s in Missouri but they were closed too (not the restaurant, but the corporate office).

This morning, I attempted again to call Applebee’s and didn’t get a resolution but eventually received an email from Chefwear Customer service. In an effort to make sure I wasn’t the original ordering Paige Norman, she sent me the email where the item(s) were purchased.  Indeed, they were ordered by Paige Norman in May of this year.

The email of this Paige Norman was attached, so I sent her an email:

Hi Paige, I’m Paige too!  This is by far the strangest email/delivery/coincidence I think I’ve ever had.

I am a personal chef in Redmond, Washington and I have ordered from Chefwear in the past, but not recently.  So imagine my surprise when I received a box from them yesterday address to my company (Paige Norman, Your Personal Chef) with 6 Black XL pants inside. 

I tried to call Applebee’s last night and Chefwear, but both were closed because of time zone differences.  I did contact Chefwear by email and am working with Cassandra to get these returned to them; and hopefully eventually to you.

Hope you’re having a great day – I’m attaching a scanned copy of the packing list for your reference.  

She sent me a response:

Hi Paige,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts to return the pants to me. Actually that was an order I tried to cancel. Chefwear sent them by mistake. If you still have the pants you might want to return to Chefware, or keep them. If they make it here I’ll return them again. It is so nice of you to go through all the trouble. 

With appreciation,

Other Paige Norman


This is the strangest email communication I have ever had, I think.  I have conversed with myself many a time, but never by email.

Facebook shows that there are several profiles for “Paige Norman”.  Most of them are young (at least the profile photos are); a few of them list other countries (Germany, UK, New South Wales).  There are 21 profiles on LinkedIn (including one for me as myself).

According to this fun little site   there are 30,684 people in the U.S. with the First Name of Paige; and 78,147 people with the Last Name of Norman.  There are 7 people in the U.S. named Paige Norman. (Obviously there are more than that if Facebook profiles are any indicator)

I’m sending the chef pants back to Chefwear as soon as I receive the shipping label; it’s just very remarkable that I have actually emailed myself-not-me and received a response back.  From myself-not-me.  I’m feeling like a very small speck in the cosmos right now… Wondering if I should contact the other “me’s” and form a club…










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