This is how I get distracted:
I have ONE PURPOSE when I get on the laptop. I need to check how many people are attending a meeting tonight so I decide whether to cancel or not.
First mistake, I open my email and get distracted by the Google alert that a suspicious activity occurred and tried to get into my email (on Google that I rarely use but have a business listing).  So I take care of that, then I notice that my business listing is out of date.  Update that.  Then I can add photos.  ooooh!  So I add photos.  Then I update the hours and have to move a couple of things in photo folders so they’re ‘right’.

Then I check my Facebook.  No, I’m supposed to be checking the event page.  Check the event page and then copy and paste the event to the main meeting page as a reminder that there’s a meeting tonight.  

FedEx arrives with the wine shipment for an event in a couple of weeks.  Do I open it?  Do I put it away?  Do I get on the website and answer the survey?  
What about the drapery pole and drapes that need to be hung?  Should I start that now?
Did I look for the hook for the chicken coop?  Do they need food?

Then I check my Facebook page again.  And get into a discussion about a poll response (you know who you are – ha ha).

And I still have only had one cup of coffee.  And I have laundry to finish, dishes to unload, bags to sort through…


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