Review of the Nissan Quest


The Flex is at the dealership due to a paint defect on the roof; so I’m using a Nissan Quest during the time (their expense)


.  Here’s a review of the vehicle.

What I like:

  • Large front window gives a really great view of the road in front of you
  • Comfortable seats with a nice glove box/divider between, a lot of nooks and crannies to store devices.
  • USB awp_20160921_002nd lighter jacks in various places (not as many as my Flex).
  • Dash and steering area is well laid out.
  • Trunk is HUGE! In addition to the shelves that lay over the deep wells behind the back seat, the well is VERY DEEP.
  • Seats are roomy and hold the booster seats well.
  • Gas mileage seems to do well; I’ve had it 8 days and put 121 miles on it and still have just less than a half tank of fuel left.
  • Low-profile side doors on both sides. This is great for getting the kids in and out. Although I cannot seem to figure out on the key fob which is left and which is right (obviously a senior moment).

What I don’t like:wp_20160913_020

  • The PRNDL is on the front middle dash. It’s awkward and not easily in reach.
  • Push-button start. I’ve had a couple of time where it hasn’t turned off.  My biggest issue is that I don’t know where the alarm radius is so I carry the key chain ON ME so I don’t lock myself out of the car. (It doesn’t have a key code entry on the door panel like my Flex in case I lock my keys in).
  • The seat-belts are laid out poorly for car/booster seat use. The belts are positioned BEHIND the shoulder of the seats.  For an adult this isn’t an issue (although they are set back pretty far).  But for a child in a booster seat, it’s impossible to reach their seat-belt and strap it themselves.


  • The seat-belt connectors are nearly impossible for a child to do themselves. The one in the back is nearly impossible for me; if you don’t put the latch in EXACTLY straight, it will not go in.  AND, you need two hands because it pushes itself into the fabric sleeve that holds 2 of the 3 connectors.
  • The trunk shelves are flimsy. A thin particle board covered with fabric.  Also there’s no way to hold the shelves up so you need a hand to hold it up while moving things out of the trunk well.
  • Although there are 3 seat/belts in the back row, there is no way that 3 car seats/boosters will fit back there. To be honest though I have 3 seats in the middle seat of the Flex and 3 boosters won’t fit in there either.  (did in the Suburban, but it’s wider).wp_20160916_003
  • It took me 3 days to figure out how to fold the middle seats down flat.
  • I’m not sure I like the rear camera on the dash. Maybe I just don’t trust it or it’s new or I’d prefer to use my actual eyes to back out of a space.
  • The Windshield wiper control is on the wrong side. I’m used to the Flex.
  • There is no “auto” selection for the lights. I hardly every turn my lights on in the Flex as I leave them on “auto”.  If I want the lights on in the Quest, I have to turn them on and then turn them off.



Overall, I like the Quest.  It drives well, has lots of room and is comfortable.  The down sides for me are the inability for the kids to get themselves in to the seat-belts which means I have to crawl in and out every time I have a stop.  As I have 6 stops a day minimum, that is a lot of crawling into the back and putting kids into seat-belts.

Some of the things I don’t “like” may be due to the feature list of the model I have; an upgraded model of the same vehicle might have different features.

Hopefully though I get my Flex back soon.  I miss it and all the features I’ve grown to love.  It’s been fun driving the Quest, but I’ll check it off my list of possible test drives when I turn the Flex in August 2017.


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