Thank you for serving


Family Members that served

Jim Kirkwood – Navy – 1969-1970

Lewis Norman – Dad was in ROTC in College – due to graduate in 1942, I think. Got called up after D-Day in Dec 1941 and commissioned as a first lieutenant. They were stationed at Ft. Warden for a while where he was in coast artillery, and then he was sent to the south. I believe they were in Texas, and Mississippi. Not sure where else. He never went overseas. He left active duty after WWII ended in 1945, and returned to Seattle. For several years after that he was in the reserves. Fort Sill in Oklahoma after his Coast Artillery service. He was being trained for the invasion of Japan.

David Maitland Trippett – 1916 ???

Bill Trippett – Navy Reserve as a JAGC officer in the 80s.

Julian Carswell Johnson Navy, WW2 (Linda Johnson Trippett’s dad) 1940-45

Jerry Lial, (Jays birth grandfather) Army

Sean Toole, Navy (Linda Johnson Trippett’s nephew) currently serving

Howard Christ (Todd’s Dad) National Guard

Leonard Roberson (Dode’s Brother in law) Vietnam

Tom Hanks – Navy 50’s

Claude Hanks – WWI

Al Delzell – Navy — joined the battleship Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor shortly after the bombing and served on it throughout the rest of the war. He was at the Battle of Surigao Strait which was the last crossing of the T between battleships and sank the southern phalanx of the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

John King Joyce – Merchant Marine

James Albert Roper – Army (Civil War) 1861 – 1865

William Wallace Roper – Army (Civil War) 1861 – 1864

John H.B. Roper – WWI

Gaye Lewis’s dad (??) Army WW2 stationed at Fort Lewis and overseas.

Johnathan (Gaye’s brother) Army, stationed in Germany


Thank you all for serving your country!


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