“Did You Know” series, Volume 1


A friend of mine suggested that I start a series of informative posts with all the pieces of information I’ve gleaned about a variety of topics.  They’re not really long enough for a blog post (I like to be extra wordy) so I haven’t really had the want to post them.  But maybe my readers will find them interesting as well and easier to digest than my War and Peace style posts…  🙂

So, here is the first in the “DID YOU KNOW?” series:

Lake Washington School District lists their “Student Enrollment, October 2016” as

Elementary School  14,549
Middle School  6,650
High School  7,809

Total  29,008

The enrollment detail is here

Education Hill elementary school enrollment (K-5) are:

Einstein 428 students
Mann 482 students
Redmond 729 students
Rockwell 632 students

Total 2271 (roughly 16% of elementary students)

The new school at 12001 – 172nd Avenue NE (tentatively called “North Redmond) will have the capacity for 550 students.  It is planned to open in 2018.


2 thoughts on ““Did You Know” series, Volume 1

  1. Carrie Hafner

    I wonder if the running start students are included in the number for RHS. There are tons of kids doing it this year. The senior class must be much smaller.


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