Griffith Observatory


A total bucket list item for me!


Follow the signs to the Observatory up through a residential neighborhood.  There is a LOT of parking, but location depends on the walking distance.

You can park on the roadside up and down the hill from the Observatory for $4.00 an hour.  (Can you spot the place where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone danced in La La Land??)   There is quite a bit of a hike from these parking spaces.


The Greek Theater

Parking is FREE if you park by the Greek Theater and you can take a shuttle up the hill to the observatory.  YOU MUST HAVE EXACT CHANGE — 50 cents/person for the shuttle (one-way). No credit cards.

No charge for entrance to the observatory grounds; I recommend you walk around the outside and take in the views of Los Angeles from all the angles.  There are elevators and wheelchair ramps in all areas of the exhibit.  There are several theater shows including the planetarium; price is $7 for adults with decreased pricing for Seniors, Students and children.

There is a café called “The Café at the End of the Universe” that has an extensive menu including salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps; plus coffee, other beverages and snacks like nuts or cookies.  Plenty of seating; sit outside for a great view of the “HOLLYWOOD” sign and northwest views of the cityscape.

Gift shop has a great selection of science toys, t-shirts, cups and all the other souvenir items; pretty decently priced.


Wander around all you like.  Some interesting items were the statue of James Dean, the HOLLYWOOD sign and (again) the non-stop views of the city.

Check hours (CLOSED MONDAY, open noon to 10 pm other days).

Movies /shows filmed on or around the location include:

Rebel Without a Cause
LaLa Land

And a host of TV shows and other media:






One of the telescope domes