Vote November 7th


Originally this was going to be a “Letter to the Editor” of the Redmond Reporter, however I put it together too late for them to put in their paper (Redmond Reporter does not post letters regarding political races for the issue immediately prior to the election).  Although I find this an odd practice, it gives me the chance to post this to my blog instead and ramp up the word count from under 300 to whatever I like.

November 7th will be an important election day for our state, county and city.  In addition to contentious races for Legislative Districts 45 and 48, there are also 3 Redmond City Council positions up for decision.


If you’re pleased with a downtown park that appears to be more concrete than “park”, traffic at all hours of the day in residential areas, out of sync traffic lights, skyrocketing rents (commercial and residential) and the loss of small businesses then you should stop reading right now.


However, if you are concerned about the lack of affordable housing, finding parking, the growing crime rate and saddened by the loss of Frankie’s, Spicy Talk and Nara (to name just a few), then I hope you’ll read on a bit.



I recommend you vote for some new voices on November 7th.


Steve Fields is a small business owner who has a background in budgeting, project management and working with teams of people.  He has been an active member of our community for over 20 years.   A long-time volunteer for the City of Redmond, he has coached youth basketball, baseball, and soccer; he annually raises money for small local charities at his coffee shop.
I met Steve through Cub Scouts and he’s been a friend and mentor ever since.  When he ran for mayor, I was amazed at his energy and willingness to talk to everyone about any issue.  He hosts coffee times to discuss issues of concern to Redmond and has been responsive in communicating ideas and strategies, not just sound-bites for solutions.


Eugene Zakhareyev is a 9 year Redmond resident; he lives with his wife and two children in Overlake.   Eugene’s campaign focus has been on community involvement, balancing growth with the needs of the residents and addressing transportation issues in Redmond. He is non-partisan candidate who will stand for the interests of the residents of our city.  In the last three years he has been closely involved in different aspects of land use planning in our city (due to a pending project in his neighborhood), has spoken with multiple residents, and is informed of the city processes and the citizens’ expectations. He is an advocate for small businesses and community engagement.

I became acquainted with Eugene when he attended our first Neighborhood Association meeting over a year ago and he’s been a sounding board and knowledgeable ally; someone I’d certainly trust to make fair and informed decisions on issues that would affect all of Redmond.

Jason Antonelli has lived in Redmond for over 20 years and has decades of professional experience growing teams, mentoring junior engineers, building consensus and making the right trade-offs necessary for individual and team success.

He will represent the people of Redmond as he works to resolve the traffic and growth issues that plague us every day.  He supports small businesses and is concerned about increased crime and out-of-control spending by our current council.

I’ve only recently met Jason but have always found him to be relatable, and interested in solutions to many of the problems that citizens find frustrating.

If you’re happy with the path the City of Redmond is taking us down, then by all means vote for the same people who took us there.

If not, then please join me in voting for a much-needed CHANGE in Redmond City Council.


If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

~ Peter F. Drucker

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
~ Narcotics Anonymous