LWSD Boundary Survey


If you haven’t taken the survey, I encourage you to do so. It’s a bit time consuming to wade through the information; I found that printing out the maps for each scenario and page 2 (describing how many kids to and from which school) helped a lot.

And a map of the district to see feeder schools to Middle and then High is helpful too.

LWSD Boundary Website link

Boundary Review Process

​A boundary committee will determine the boundaries for two new elementary schools and one new middle school

Boundary Feedback Meetings
May 4, 2017
The information presented at both Redmond Boundary Process Community Meetings is posted here. The first set of slides covers background information, including how the district determines how many students a school can accommodate. Three slides follow that present three different options for elementary school boundaries. The last set of slides provides information on four possible middle school feeder patterns.

After you have reviewed the possible scenarios, you are invited to provide feedback to the committee on these options.

To provide input, fill out the Boundary Change Scenario Feedback form by May 19.

No decisions have been made. The committee will use your feedback as it continues to develop options. The committee’s goal is to determine their recommendations so that boundaries can be set before February 2018. That’s when kindergarten registration will begin for the 2018-19 school year.

These changes would go into effect for elementary in the 2018-19 school year and for middle in 2019-20.



​​LWSD Seeks Feedback on Redmond Area School Boundary Changes
April 17, 2017
In January 2017, a Lake Washington School District boundary committee began the work to recommend new school attendance boundaries in the Redmond area. The district is building two new elementary schools and one new middle school in the Redmond area due to enrollment growth. These new schools serve students drawn from existing schools. Neighborhood boundaries for all elementary and middle schools in Redmond could change as a result.

The boundary committee is preparing multiple new attendance boundary options. The boundary committee will hold two meetings to get feedback on those options. Attendees will view the options in an open house format. Committee members will be present to discuss these scenarios and answer questions.  Both meetings will present the same information.

Boundary Feedback Meetings

  • May 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Redmond Middle School Cafeteria
  • May 9, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Evergreen Middle School Cafeteria

Parents and community members are invited to come to either meeting to learn more and review the options. Read the full press release about the May 4 and May 9 boundary meetings.


Redmond schools boundary criteria results
April 12, 2017
The first step in the committee’s process to develop new boundaries for the Redmond area is to review the criteria it will use to evaluate potential new boundaries. On January 31, parents received a message about the boundary process and a link to a survey. This survey asked for the boundary criteria to be ranked. Over 1,300 families responded to the survey. Respondents ranked the criteria in the following order:


​Ranked Criteria Rank 1 Rank 2​ Rank 3​ Rank 4​ Rank 5​ Rank 6​ Weighted Rank Total​
​1. Maintain neighborhoods to the extent possible 436​ ​383 ​204 ​124 ​109 ​67 ​6004
​2. Minimize the number of students and families affected 325​ ​245 ​223 ​193 ​184 ​153 ​5167
​3. Redistribute enrollment to match school capacity and accommodate growth ​269 ​207 ​251 ​233 ​201 ​162 ​4916
​4. Minimize transportation impacts ​115 ​217 ​280 ​302 ​250 ​159 ​4460
​5. Use natural boundaries to the extent possible ​97 ​161 ​216 ​233 ​255 ​361 ​3821
​6. Provide proximity of special programs to the extent possible ​81 ​110 ​149 ​238 ​324 ​421 ​3415


The boundary committee will meet throughout the school year. Later in the spring, families will be invited to participate in a community feedback meeting. Boundary options will be available for review and written feedback at the meeting. An online feedback forum will be available for families who cannot attend one of the community meetings.



Redmond area school boundary process begins
January 20, 2017
Lake Washington School District will build three new schools in the Redmond area to meet the needs of its growing enrollment. New schools draw enrollment from neighborhoods now assigned to existing schools. As a result, a boundary committee is beginning the process to determine the boundaries for two new elementary schools and one new middle school.

The new middle school and one elementary school will be located in Redmond Ridge. The other elementary school will be in north Redmond. The two new elementary schools are scheduled to open in fall 2018. The new middle school will open in fall 2019.

Read the full press release.


Here is the bell schedule for this week at Redmond High School (Redmond Washington):

No automatic alt text available.SBA testing is for 10th grade students and certain others who may require to take the SBA tests

Dear RHS Families:

This is to remind you and your student of the SBA testing next week – April 17th thru 21st.  All 10th Grade students will be testing along with several 11th and 12th students.  The Bell Schedule and more information is linked below.


The SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment) test is connected to the Common Core curriculum and is part of the overall testing plan for Washington State.

My son is a senior this year.  As you can see from today’s (Wednesday) schedule, he has no school until 10 am followed by a 2 hour home room class followed by lunch.  It’s no wonder that he’s asked me to skip the day.  (I’ll let you guess if I said yes or no).

Tuesday’s schedule was not much better; with an 85 minute class period followed by and 80 minute home room period, then lunch or 4th period lasting 2 hours and 5 minutes.  They round the day off with 6th period of 85 minutes then dismiss at 2 pm.

I’m not a fan of the shortened Wednesday (LEAP) schedule to begin with.  On top of this year’s shortened Wednesdays, block scheduling, and standardized testing the school District had to change the school calendar due to snow days.  They made this decision AFTER the scheduled mid-Winter break (another waste of time) and added 2 days to the school year and made four ‘early release Wednesdays’ regular full school days. Last day of school for non-seniors in the District is June 23rd.  (Graduation day for Seniors at Redmond High is June 15th).  Here is the bell schedule for the Snow Days.

What is the purpose of having school days/hours if those hours are not used towards the best possible purpose?  For non-10th graders (for math sake, let’s say 3/4 of the student population or roughly 1500 students) the schedule seems to be mostly an excuse to skip.

Homeroom seems to be an excuse for the schools to host multiple assemblies. Attendance is required and absences are not excused except for the case of medical appointments. Last Friday (regular bell schedule) my other son ‘skipped’ home room to do homework in the lunchroom/cafeteria.  I received a call to report his absence and when I asked for it to be excused it was denied.  Apparently assemblies for ASB elections are far more important than studying or homework completion.

So, let’s recap:

Washington State schools are required to provide an annual average of 1,080 hours per school year in grades 9-12.

Those hours are not required to be actual learning hours.




Review of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”




The music and singing were fantastic.  I was truly impressed with Emma Watson’s voice and felt she embodied Belle in character and voice when compared to the animated movie.  Her acting was believable and not over-done, she had chemistry with her father (Kevin Kline), Gaston (Luke Evans) and the Beast (Dan Stevens).

I loved the costuming and only had a few issues with outfits (see ‘cons’).

The movie story line followed the animated movie quite well, added in some new songs (I’ve been told from the stage play) and layered in some other story points to add depth to the tale.


Two wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ of note:  Belle’s skirt being tucked into her waistband and then, inexplicably, not.  And in one of the final scenes she discards the signature yellow ball gown and rides to the castle in, presumably, nothing but her undergarments.

I was disappointed in Dan Stevens but only because he isn’t (wasn’t?) Robbie Benson.  I’ll admit I had a not-so-small crush on Robbie Benson for most of my pre-teen through college years.  Okay, who am I kidding, I still do.  He was what I pictured the “Beast” to be (even though he was animated and the prince looked nothing like him in the animated version).  In every other way The Beast played by Dan Stevens was fantastic.

The ballroom scene was a bit stilted and I was unimpressed with the lack of actual ballroom dancing.

The CGI wolves were corny.  I’m surprised that with all of Disney’s skill they couldn’t make more realistic looking wild animals.  And there were a few scenes where the CGI of the Beast were a bit off.

The Hype

Disney and many review sites made a huge deal about the reveal of some ‘exclusively gay moments’ in the movie.  It was, as I suspected, media hype by Disney to get more press about the movie.  The ‘moments’ were tame and most people wouldn’t even have blinked if the media commotion hadn’t been so pronounced.  I’m EXTREMELY pleased that Disney didn’t take a traditionally romantic fairy tale and rewrite it to make a politically correct social commentary.  Although the original story is not completely portrayed in either the animated or live-action version, the story is a heterosexual romance between a man and a woman.  The main social commentary that should be prevalent in the story is that appearances are not an indication of a person’s value, character or principles.  Perhaps Disney can use their deep well of talent to create and develop their own, original story lines if they want to accommodate romantics of other sexual genres.

I didn’t read up on the cast before, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Lumiere portrayed by some well-known actors.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie a great deal.  Several friends and I, with their pre-/teenage daughters attended together as a Girls Night. We saw it on a Monday evening (it opened Friday); the theater was half-full; mostly couples and women.  I managed NOT to sing the songs however I did lip sync quite a few of them.  It was not as emotionally wrenching and breath-taking as the live action Cinderella (although several of the ladies I attended with cried during the movie).  I will see it at least one more time in the theater; and I’ll buy the soundtrack which should be impressive.


Professional Review sites:

Plugged In

Rotten Tomatoes


News Articles:





Anjuman E-Burhani community center


Today’s guest post is from Overlake resident Eugene Zakhareyev regarding a proposed community center in Overlake.



Those that follow the city planning may remember the project from 2014: the proposal to build a mosque and community center in residential neighborhood in Overlake. Back then, the residents asked lots of questions and had few concerns related to the scale of the proposed development, its parking and traffic impacts and future growth.

Here is a short update I wanted to share. There is a community meeting on 27th of February, at 6:45 PM in the City Hall. The city and the applicant will discuss the status and further steps for Anjuman E-Burhani community center proposal. The city position is that it answered all questions and addressed all concerns (if you want to know more, the document is available here .

Our neighborhood position is that unfortunately the city responses did not address the concerns expressed. As an illustration, the applicant even decreased number of parking stalls (from original 42 to 36), and the city still believes that the location across from Microsoft campus on exit ramp to WA-520 is suitable enough for proposed 22,657 SF structure and will have negligible impact on the neighborhood. You can read more here 

If you want to support the residents of Overlake or just would like to know more about the projects being approved by the city, please join us at the community meeting on 27th at the City Hall.

We also would love to see our elected officials, namely our respected Councilmembers and the Mayor at the meeting.

My thanks to Eugene and other Redmond residents who continue to take the time to read through documents, attending meetings and let the council, Mayor and city know their views on the processes in Redmond.

I urge you to attend the meeting on February 27th and voice your opinion.  You can also call or email the Council or Mayor:

Name: David Carson
Phone: 425-556-2113
Email: dcarson@redmond.gov


“Did You Know” Series, Vol. 2


Lake Washington School District Student to teacher ratio targets are:

K-1  20 Students
2-3  25 Students
4-5  27 Students
6-8  30 Students
9-12  32 Students

As shown in Appendix A, the district’s overall total capacity is 27,976, including permanent capacity of 24,817and 3,159 in relocatables. Student headcount enrollment as of October 1, 2014 was 26,492.

Capacity for the Education Hill Elementary Schools are:

Einstein    575
Mann         598
Redmond 644
Rockwell  690

(includes Portable classrooms)

From the Capital Facility Plan Appendix A

Redmond City Council Interviews for Position #4 vacancy


Interviews held Saturday, February 11th, 2017.

  • 13 applicants
  • Interviews 1:00 – 5 PM; 20 minutes allowed; 3 questions randomly generated
  • Four Men
  • 9 Women
  • 5 applicants are currently serving in Volunteer Committee/Commissions for City of Redmond
    • Human Services Commission, Planning Commission (2), Parks & Trails Commission, Arts Commission
  • 5 applicants employed by Microsoft



  • Stephanie Monk
  • Sue Stewart
  • Paige Norman
  • Tim Heuer
  • Roy Captain
  • Terrel Joanna Lefferts
  • Sherri Nichols
  • Amy Mayes
  • Stephanie Rodriguez
  • Tracy Sullivan Prock
  • AJ Taylor
  • Tanika Kumar Padhye
  • Osama Hamdan


Council will review and discuss applicants in a special meeting (open to public) held February 21st, 5:30-7:30.  Finalists will be announced at Study session on February 21st.

Final interviews of finalists will be held March 7th, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  This will be special meeting format, open to the public.  Council will vote on finalists; must receive 4 or more votes to be approved.  Final applicant chosen will be voted in at Council Business Meeting on March 7th, 7:30 PM and begin service that evening.

Term will be valid until December 31, 2017.

Redmond Reporter Article

Chicken Feeder



The girls have an upgrade!  Well, three, really but two aren’t finished yet.

We live in Washington where it rains all the time.  (shhh.  Don’t let the locals tell you about July and August).  As the girls are free range they don’t mind getting a bit wet and in fact, love going out in the rain and the ‘snow’ to forage and explore.  But, when they sleep, they like to have a dry spot to roost and sleep without getting wet.  Who could blame them?

So, after we finished the “Chicken Palace” I started making plans for a roof or sheltered area.  No big deal as we only have 2 hens now and a small coop they can roost in at night, but the coop is beginning to show wear and the rain drops on the metal roof all night long and I have to think it’s not conducive to good chicken REM sleep.  Or something like that.

Chickens are pretty smart, don’t let anyone tell you different.  Oh, I suppose there are stupid chickens just like there are stupid people, but I am constantly amazed at how smart my girls are!  The palace is open to the trees and elements because it’s just covered in hardware cloth.  Other than the coop there are no dry places so my girls decided the underdeck storage was the perfect place to roost at night!  In they walked through the (open) lattice door and found a perfect spot on top of the dog house we’re storing for a friend.  Problem solved — well, except for the chickens-poop-while-they’re-roosting problem.   Lots of chicken poop.  Ugh.  So we took the leftover hardware cloth and stapled it around *most* of the underdeck storage.  I say most because there are shelves against one wall and I didn’t think the girls could get in through there.  We also took the lattice door off and put hardware cloth on it as well.  This meant we needed to take it apart partially, which was a challenge in and of itself, but we got it put back together and back up.  Scooped up the poop and waited to see if the girls could find a way to out-smart the humans.

Of course they did, but for the most part it keeps them out of the underdeck storage.  Unless the dog herds them and then they have a safe place from him.  (He doesn’t necessarily chase them and will stop when I tell him too, but he thinks they should always be in the palace and loves to herd them back in there.)


So now we move to the roof.  This caused some marital discord as I am a visual and husband is well, not.  I told him I wanted a roof that covered 2/3rd of the palace so only the east third was open to the elements.  A friend had a tree fall on his workshop and had some aluminum sheet metal roofing that hadn’t been damaged (but couldn’t be used on the new roof) so we got free materials.  Purchased some lumber, drew out a plan and he built it with the help of both sons.  Getting that hummer up on top of the roof took 4 men and one woman (literally) but it’s up there.  Except, it didn’t cover the size of the roof that I had asked it to cover.  Marital discord ensues; we worked through it and are now discussing plans for the phase 2 portion of the palace roof.

Upgrade #3 came after a spate of cold weather (cold for the PNW is when the temperature drops between 19 and 35 degrees for an extended period of time).  The water froze (but I have a fix for that) but I made sure they had other sources of water and lots of fresh food.  I checked the feeder yesterday and it was cracked.  So I was just going to run to the feed store and get another one but remembered I had seen one on Pinterest (shudder) that I thought we could put together quickly.  Hubby was up to a run to the hardware and/or feed store so off we went.

The feeder was the simplest task so far, took less than 2 hours (not including drying and shopping) and is pretty cool.  Cost about $25 for materials.  I filled it this morning and we’ll see if the girls like it.

Of course the dog needed to herd the girls so they’re hiding in the underdeck storage after entering from the shelved wall side…