Anjuman E-Burhani community center


Today’s guest post is from Overlake resident Eugene Zakhareyev regarding a proposed community center in Overlake.



Those that follow the city planning may remember the project from 2014: the proposal to build a mosque and community center in residential neighborhood in Overlake. Back then, the residents asked lots of questions and had few concerns related to the scale of the proposed development, its parking and traffic impacts and future growth.

Here is a short update I wanted to share. There is a community meeting on 27th of February, at 6:45 PM in the City Hall. The city and the applicant will discuss the status and further steps for Anjuman E-Burhani community center proposal. The city position is that it answered all questions and addressed all concerns (if you want to know more, the document is available here .

Our neighborhood position is that unfortunately the city responses did not address the concerns expressed. As an illustration, the applicant even decreased number of parking stalls (from original 42 to 36), and the city still believes that the location across from Microsoft campus on exit ramp to WA-520 is suitable enough for proposed 22,657 SF structure and will have negligible impact on the neighborhood. You can read more here 

If you want to support the residents of Overlake or just would like to know more about the projects being approved by the city, please join us at the community meeting on 27th at the City Hall.

We also would love to see our elected officials, namely our respected Councilmembers and the Mayor at the meeting.

My thanks to Eugene and other Redmond residents who continue to take the time to read through documents, attending meetings and let the council, Mayor and city know their views on the processes in Redmond.

I urge you to attend the meeting on February 27th and voice your opinion.  You can also call or email the Council or Mayor:

Name: David Carson
Phone: 425-556-2113



“Did You Know” Series, Vol. 2


Lake Washington School District Student to teacher ratio targets are:

K-1  20 Students
2-3  25 Students
4-5  27 Students
6-8  30 Students
9-12  32 Students

As shown in Appendix A, the district’s overall total capacity is 27,976, including permanent capacity of 24,817and 3,159 in relocatables. Student headcount enrollment as of October 1, 2014 was 26,492.

Capacity for the Education Hill Elementary Schools are:

Einstein    575
Mann         598
Redmond 644
Rockwell  690

(includes Portable classrooms)

From the Capital Facility Plan Appendix A

Redmond City Council Interviews for Position #4 vacancy


Interviews held Saturday, February 11th, 2017.

  • 13 applicants
  • Interviews 1:00 – 5 PM; 20 minutes allowed; 3 questions randomly generated
  • Four Men
  • 9 Women
  • 5 applicants are currently serving in Volunteer Committee/Commissions for City of Redmond
    • Human Services Commission, Planning Commission (2), Parks & Trails Commission, Arts Commission
  • 5 applicants employed by Microsoft



  • Stephanie Monk
  • Sue Stewart
  • Paige Norman
  • Tim Heuer
  • Roy Captain
  • Terrel Joanna Lefferts
  • Sherri Nichols
  • Amy Mayes
  • Stephanie Rodriguez
  • Tracy Sullivan Prock
  • AJ Taylor
  • Tanika Kumar Padhye
  • Osama Hamdan


Council will review and discuss applicants in a special meeting (open to public) held February 21st, 5:30-7:30.  Finalists will be announced at Study session on February 21st.

Final interviews of finalists will be held March 7th, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  This will be special meeting format, open to the public.  Council will vote on finalists; must receive 4 or more votes to be approved.  Final applicant chosen will be voted in at Council Business Meeting on March 7th, 7:30 PM and begin service that evening.

Term will be valid until December 31, 2017.

Redmond Reporter Article

Chicken Feeder



The girls have an upgrade!  Well, three, really but two aren’t finished yet.

We live in Washington where it rains all the time.  (shhh.  Don’t let the locals tell you about July and August).  As the girls are free range they don’t mind getting a bit wet and in fact, love going out in the rain and the ‘snow’ to forage and explore.  But, when they sleep, they like to have a dry spot to roost and sleep without getting wet.  Who could blame them?

So, after we finished the “Chicken Palace” I started making plans for a roof or sheltered area.  No big deal as we only have 2 hens now and a small coop they can roost in at night, but the coop is beginning to show wear and the rain drops on the metal roof all night long and I have to think it’s not conducive to good chicken REM sleep.  Or something like that.

Chickens are pretty smart, don’t let anyone tell you different.  Oh, I suppose there are stupid chickens just like there are stupid people, but I am constantly amazed at how smart my girls are!  The palace is open to the trees and elements because it’s just covered in hardware cloth.  Other than the coop there are no dry places so my girls decided the underdeck storage was the perfect place to roost at night!  In they walked through the (open) lattice door and found a perfect spot on top of the dog house we’re storing for a friend.  Problem solved — well, except for the chickens-poop-while-they’re-roosting problem.   Lots of chicken poop.  Ugh.  So we took the leftover hardware cloth and stapled it around *most* of the underdeck storage.  I say most because there are shelves against one wall and I didn’t think the girls could get in through there.  We also took the lattice door off and put hardware cloth on it as well.  This meant we needed to take it apart partially, which was a challenge in and of itself, but we got it put back together and back up.  Scooped up the poop and waited to see if the girls could find a way to out-smart the humans.

Of course they did, but for the most part it keeps them out of the underdeck storage.  Unless the dog herds them and then they have a safe place from him.  (He doesn’t necessarily chase them and will stop when I tell him too, but he thinks they should always be in the palace and loves to herd them back in there.)


So now we move to the roof.  This caused some marital discord as I am a visual and husband is well, not.  I told him I wanted a roof that covered 2/3rd of the palace so only the east third was open to the elements.  A friend had a tree fall on his workshop and had some aluminum sheet metal roofing that hadn’t been damaged (but couldn’t be used on the new roof) so we got free materials.  Purchased some lumber, drew out a plan and he built it with the help of both sons.  Getting that hummer up on top of the roof took 4 men and one woman (literally) but it’s up there.  Except, it didn’t cover the size of the roof that I had asked it to cover.  Marital discord ensues; we worked through it and are now discussing plans for the phase 2 portion of the palace roof.

Upgrade #3 came after a spate of cold weather (cold for the PNW is when the temperature drops between 19 and 35 degrees for an extended period of time).  The water froze (but I have a fix for that) but I made sure they had other sources of water and lots of fresh food.  I checked the feeder yesterday and it was cracked.  So I was just going to run to the feed store and get another one but remembered I had seen one on Pinterest (shudder) that I thought we could put together quickly.  Hubby was up to a run to the hardware and/or feed store so off we went.

The feeder was the simplest task so far, took less than 2 hours (not including drying and shopping) and is pretty cool.  Cost about $25 for materials.  I filled it this morning and we’ll see if the girls like it.

Of course the dog needed to herd the girls so they’re hiding in the underdeck storage after entering from the shelved wall side…


Helping those in need


While you’re out shopping and dining and checking off your Christmas list, please consider grabbing a few more items for those in your area that are in need.

There are a number of ways you can help in your community — from food banks to homeless shelters, gifting trees at malls and other organized giving groups.  But I’d like you to consider just a couple more ways you can help in your local community.

This week I received an email blast from our high school principal.:

Our Counseling Department and our PTSA have asked me to send the following message to you. As a bit of background, every Friday, we provide food for the weekend for close to 30 of our students who would otherwise have little to eat on a non-school day. These same students have no money to buy clothing or school supplies for themselves, much less anything to get a small gift for the holidays for someone they love. In the past, we have counted on the incredible generosity of our community to help make these students’ lives just a bit easier.

Our Pantry Pack elves would like to include a small gift card in our last Pantry Pack delivery before the holiday break. Our hope is for $25 gift cards to Target or Fred Meyer – this way kids can get presents, clothes or food over the holidays. We also use these cards throughout the school year when we find students need new backpacks, school supplies or other items. Our stash of these cards is running very low at this time so we do not have enough to give one to all 38 of our Pantry Pack kids, not to mention other emergencies that come up. In the past we have had students tell us these cards made their season!

All gift cards can be dropped off in the counseling office! Please drop off by Tuesday December 13th, that way all the students will have time to receive their items. Thank you for helping to make the holiday season memorable for our students!

Now I’m pretty sure that there’s a local school in your area that has the same type of program.  Maybe it’s not called “Pantry Packs”.  Maybe you no longer have kids in school or you’ve just moved into the area and don’t know anyone.  Or maybe you just would like to spend your money in a way that would help local families but cannot stand the idea of going to a mall or toy store.

Go to your local grocery or grocery-department store and buy a gift card.  Any amount, or several different amounts would be great.  Next, go to any of your local schools  — elementary, middle/jr. or high school.  Let the office staff know you’d like the card(s) donated to their families in need.  I can guarantee that they know who they are and will make sure to get them to those families.

DO IT RIGHT NOW.  School closes (for our District at least) this Friday, December 16th.

Merry Christmas!


Redmond Census Information


Population and demographics of Redmond (Washington) as of April 1, 2010 was 54,144; increasing to an estimated 60,598 by July 1, 2015.    This is a 11.6% increase in that period.


Numbers taken from

Demographics are not given for Redmond for 2015; however 2010 information is listed for both King County and Redmond:

8.1% persons under 5 years
22.7% persons under 18 years
9.5% persons 65 and over
49.1% female

65.2% White alone
1.7% Black or African American alone
.4% Native American and Alaska Native alone
25.4% Asian alone
.2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
4%  Two or More Races
7.8% Hispanic or Latino
61% White alone, not Hispanic or Latino

Housing Units April 1, 2010  24,177
Households 23,520
Persons per household  2.39
Owner-occupied housing rate 50.9%
Median gross rent $1445
Median selected monthly owner costs -with a mortgage, 2010-2014   $2385

High school graduate or higher, percent of persons age 25 years+, 2010-2014  95.5%

Persons without health insurance, under age 65 years, percent  8.3%

In civilian labor force, total, percent of population age 16 years+, 2010-2014   71.2%
In civilian labor force, female, percent of population age 16 years+, 2010-2014  59%

Median household income (in 2014 dollars), 2010-2014     $99,586
Percent of persons in poverty           7.6%

“Did You Know” series, Volume 1


A friend of mine suggested that I start a series of informative posts with all the pieces of information I’ve gleaned about a variety of topics.  They’re not really long enough for a blog post (I like to be extra wordy) so I haven’t really had the want to post them.  But maybe my readers will find them interesting as well and easier to digest than my War and Peace style posts…  🙂

So, here is the first in the “DID YOU KNOW?” series:

Lake Washington School District lists their “Student Enrollment, October 2016” as

Elementary School  14,549
Middle School  6,650
High School  7,809

Total  29,008

The enrollment detail is here

Education Hill elementary school enrollment (K-5) are:

Einstein 428 students
Mann 482 students
Redmond 729 students
Rockwell 632 students

Total 2271 (roughly 16% of elementary students)

The new school at 12001 – 172nd Avenue NE (tentatively called “North Redmond) will have the capacity for 550 students.  It is planned to open in 2018.