Here is the bell schedule for this week at Redmond High School (Redmond Washington):

No automatic alt text available.SBA testing is for 10th grade students and certain others who may require to take the SBA tests

Dear RHS Families:

This is to remind you and your student of the SBA testing next week – April 17th thru 21st.  All 10th Grade students will be testing along with several 11th and 12th students.  The Bell Schedule and more information is linked below.


The SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment) test is connected to the Common Core curriculum and is part of the overall testing plan for Washington State.

My son is a senior this year.  As you can see from today’s (Wednesday) schedule, he has no school until 10 am followed by a 2 hour home room class followed by lunch.  It’s no wonder that he’s asked me to skip the day.  (I’ll let you guess if I said yes or no).

Tuesday’s schedule was not much better; with an 85 minute class period followed by and 80 minute home room period, then lunch or 4th period lasting 2 hours and 5 minutes.  They round the day off with 6th period of 85 minutes then dismiss at 2 pm.

I’m not a fan of the shortened Wednesday (LEAP) schedule to begin with.  On top of this year’s shortened Wednesdays, block scheduling, and standardized testing the school District had to change the school calendar due to snow days.  They made this decision AFTER the scheduled mid-Winter break (another waste of time) and added 2 days to the school year and made four ‘early release Wednesdays’ regular full school days. Last day of school for non-seniors in the District is June 23rd.  (Graduation day for Seniors at Redmond High is June 15th).  Here is the bell schedule for the Snow Days.

What is the purpose of having school days/hours if those hours are not used towards the best possible purpose?  For non-10th graders (for math sake, let’s say 3/4 of the student population or roughly 1500 students) the schedule seems to be mostly an excuse to skip.

Homeroom seems to be an excuse for the schools to host multiple assemblies. Attendance is required and absences are not excused except for the case of medical appointments. Last Friday (regular bell schedule) my other son ‘skipped’ home room to do homework in the lunchroom/cafeteria.  I received a call to report his absence and when I asked for it to be excused it was denied.  Apparently assemblies for ASB elections are far more important than studying or homework completion.

So, let’s recap:

Washington State schools are required to provide an annual average of 1,080 hours per school year in grades 9-12.

Those hours are not required to be actual learning hours.







We the people.  WE.THE.PEOPLE.

Many of my friends say this is an historic election.  A woman nominated as a candidate.  The FIRST woman.

Many of my friends say they’re not voting because the choices are “horrible” “outrageous” “terrible”.  I agree; the choices are not really choices.  They’re throwing a dart and hoping you hit the balloon that wins you a goldfish instead of a beta fish.  You don’t really want either, but you’re going to throw the dart regardless.

So, here’s what I’m asking you to do.  PLEASE vote.  Vote by mail, vote absentee, vote in a booth, BUT VOTE!

If you can’t/won’t/refuse to choose a presidential candidate, I understand.

BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote for your local and state candidates.  Vote for your initiatives, bond measures, representatives, mayor, council-member, senator, attorney general (you get the idea).  Don’t (if you must) vote for the lesser of two evils.  Don’t vote for Voldemort or Picard or Tim the Toolman Taylor.  My personal favorite is “Meteor, 2016”.




Vote for your senator, representative, and all the other state and local offices you can.  Educate yourself, vote your conscience.  But VOTE.

Don’t just stay home.

Vote because you still can.  Vote because people died so that you have the ability (and right).  Vote because we still live in the best republic in the world.  IN.THE.WORLD.



List of Candidates for August 2016 Primary, Washington State


King County Elections has a new information page on candidates and issues for the August 2nd, 2016 primary.

Enter in your Name, birth date, then select “Create My Guide”.

You’ll have a list of all candidates and measures you are able to vote for in your area

I recommend you get started on some research so you are informed about the candidates. I’ve posted the links for all the candidates that showed on my page; your candidates may vary.

If I could not find a candidate website, I attempted to find something that gives you an idea of their stance, politically.

Congressional District 1 US Representative

Suzan DelBene (Prefers Democratic party)
John Orlinski (Prefers Republican party)
Scott Stafne (Prefers Libertarian party)
Robert J. Sutherland (Prefers Republican party)
Alex Storms (Prefers Independent party)


Washington State Governor

Goodspaceguy (Prefers Republican party)
Bill Hirt (Prefers Republican party)
Mary Martin (Prefers Socialist Worker party)
Steve Rubenstein (Prefers Independent party)
David W. Blomstrom (Prefers Fifth Republic party)
Johnathan Dodds (Prefers Democratic party)
Patrick O’Rourke (Prefers Democratic party)
Christian Pierre Joubert (Prefers Holistic party)
James Robert Deal (Prefers Democratic party)
Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic party)
Bill Bryant (Prefers Republican party)

Washington State Lieutenant Governor

Marty McClendon (Prefers Republican party)
Mark Greene (Prefers Citizens party)
Phillip Yin (Prefers Republican party)
Steve Hobbs (Prefers Democratic party)
Karen Fraser (Prefers Democratic party)
Bill Penor (Prefers Republican party)
Paul Addis (Prefers Libertarian party)
Daniel B. Davies (States No Party Preference)
Karen Wallace (Prefers Democratic party)
Cyrus Habib (Prefers Democratic party)
Javier H. Figueroa (Prefers Republican party)

Washington State Secretary of State

Tina Podlodowski (Prefers Democratic party)
Kim Wyman (Prefers Republican party)
Tim Turner (Prefers Libertarian party)

Washington State State Treasurer

John Paul Comerford (Prefers Democratic party)
Marko Liias (Prefers Democratic party)
Duane Davidson (Prefers Republican party)
Michael Waite (Prefers Republican party)
Alec Fisken (Prefers Democratic party)

Washington State State Auditor

Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (Prefers Democratic party)
David Golden (States No Party Preference)
Mark Wilson (Prefers Independent party)
Mark Miloscia (Prefers Republican party)
Jeff Sprung (Prefers Democratic party)

Washington State Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (Prefers Democratic party)
Joshua B. Trumbull (Prefers Libertarian party)

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz (Prefers Democratic party)
Mary Verner (Prefers Democratic party)
Steven M. Nielson (Prefers Libertarian party)
Dave Upthegrove (Prefers Democratic party)
Karen Porterfield (Prefers Democratic party)
Steve McLaughlin (Prefers Republican party)
John Stillings (Prefers Democratic party)

Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction

John Patterson Blair 
Chris Reykdal 
Ron Higgins 
Grazyna Prouty 
Robin Fleming 
Al Runte 
Erin Jones 
KumRoon (Mr. Mak) Maksirisombat
David Spring 

Washington State Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (Prefers Democratic party)
Justin Murta (Prefers Libertarian party)
Richard Schrock (Prefers Republican party)

Legislative District 48 Representative Position 1

Patty Kuderer (Prefers Democratic party)
Michelle Darnell 

Legislative District 48 Representative Position 2

Joan McBride (Prefers Democratic party)
Benjamin Judah Phelps (Prefers Libertarian party)


State Supreme Court Justice Position No. 5

Barbara Madsen 
Greg Zempel 
(Zamboni) John Scannell 


Superior Court Judge Position 44

Cathy Moore
Eric Newman 
Jackson Schmidt


Public Hospital District No. 2
Proposition No. 1
Increase in Number of Board Members from Five to Seven